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Welcome to Tì Bèlle Mink lash service Hi My name is Woodline I provide a comfortable and welcoming service to all my Bèlle Clients. I’m so excited to sprinkle this lash magic on you.

• A $15 deposit is required before confirming your appointment. The way you can pay your deposit is by using my Cash app ($WoodlineJoseph). You have 24 hours to pay your deposit or your appointment will be cancelled. Your deposit will go towards your service and deposits are non-refundable.


• If you book for the next day you have until 4:00p.m. to send your deposit that day.


• Example: It's Wednesday and Whitney book for tomorrow on Thursday, she has until 4:00 p.m. to send her deposit today before it gets cancelled.


• You can only reschedule one time without giving another $15 deposit. After you reschedule one time, the second time you reschedule you have to pay another $15 deposit.



• If you cancel less then 24 hours and you want to schedule another appointment, then you’ll have to pay the $15 deposit again. For example if Ashley appointment at 8:00 a.m. but she cancels at 6:00 a.m. and she wants to reschedule she has to pay the $15 deposit again.


• The day before your appointment I'll send you a confirmation text that's has my address. I accept CASH ONLY when it comes to you paying for the rest of your service.

CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!

• When I send the confirmation text , PLEASE CONFIRM that you will be coming to your appointment, if not I will assume you will not be coming to your appointment and it will be cancelled. You have until 9:30 p.m. to confirm!!!!!!!!!!



• V.I.P. appointments are for people who want to come before and and later then 5:30p.m. (Please contact me at least 24hrs ahead)


• V.I.P is $30 added to your normal service that you pick.


• V.I.P deposit is $30 instead of $15


• To book a V.I.P. appointment please text me your name, number, email, and what service you'll be getting


• If your going to be 5 minutes late please communicate with me I am a very understandable person, but if your late 10 minutes it will be a $10 late fee charge. After 15 minutes your appointment is cancelled. Please be mindful of other people service time.

NO SHOWS= You can't book with me again.


Before and After Appointments

• Before: Please clean your lashes thoroughly and have no type of makeup or mascara on your lashes. If you come to your appointment with stuff on your lashes you will get charged an extra $5

• I will not do you lashes if you have full on makeup on especially on your lashes, reasoning because it will affect the process of me putting on your lashes.

• After: If you are not satisfied with your lashes you have 24hrs to contact me or come back in order for me to remove the lashes or fix it


*No Refunds*

I can't wait to lash you out !

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