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Welcome Beauties 

My name is Woodline or Woody for short. I am you lash tech. Here some stuff about me, I’ve been lashing for two years andI’m a licensed full specialist. I am specialize in hyluron needless lip fillers and most importantly I’m certified four times in lashing.

It's always dream of being in the cosmology 
business but I didn’t know which beauty industry I wanted to do. Until one day the idea of lashing came into my head. I only practice for 2 months and then I opened up to the world to take clients, best decision I ever made and this could also be you. One fun fact about me is I’m full time college student who’s pursing to become a nurse practitioner for pediatrics. So I’m always on the run between lashing and school. I do dream of opening my own lash studio, were all my students who I have taught can come work in my lash studio so stay tune. 

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